01 August, 2018

Modular Dungeon

It's been a bad run over the last couple of weeks. I finished my university studies over a month ago. I've been trying to get accredited as a teacher since the beginning of the year, and by this stage the process should have been completed. I know there are jobs in the fields where I'm qualified to teach, but I can't get through the bureaucracy to get to those jobs. Chasing this down has drained my bank accounts dry, with costs for car registration, power bills and phone bills coming in on top of that. 

I tried to do a bit more study while waiting for accreditation from the relevant government departments, but I can't even do that, because the up front fee for study at the local college (while cut back due to being a registered carer) was still too much...

...so I've fallen back on doing what I love to do, what I find to be a fun diversion when the real world just starts getting me down, and what tends to make me a bit of extra money on the side.

I've gathered together fragments of projects I've been working on, and have combined them into something coherent. This is all interconnected with the "Bring Your Own Miniatures" project that I've been blogging about recently, but explores the other side...the world that will set the backdrop for the tales.

I've generated up a few components, and I'm mixing-and-matching them to create 7x7 square dungeon tiles. Generally this means a maximum 5x5 room with a border around the outside edge, and passages that might reach across to other tiles, but as I'm doing more of these I'm trying to experiment with the format a bit.

I had a few variations for flooring patterns, but all of the basic hand-drawn image components are drawn up on A3 paper, and suddenly the university A3 scanners that I have access to are charging a nominal fee per page for scanning (which was never previously the case). I should get myself a proper A3 scanner some time, but general living expenses and survival are a higher priority at the moment.

The idea was to generate the images at A3 size, with 40mm squares, then these could be scaled down to 25-28mm squares on an A4 page to accommodate the standard base size for most miniature games.

I'm going to throw together batches of 10 tiles following a theme, and put them up on the online store at DrivethruRPG/RPGNow. Hopefully a few people will be interested enough to purchase a couple of them.

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