12 June, 2018

Discount Link

This coming weekend, I've put a couple of discounts on some Vulpinoid Studios products over on RPGNow/DrivethruRPG. It's a part of the "Irregular Birthday Sale", where some years I remember to discount stuff, and some years I'm too busy and forget about it. It's also partly a response to Free RPG Day being held on the weekend of my birthday.

The first product being discounted this year is The Law, which will have it's PDF reduced to a dollar. 

Here's the link. (It will only be active on the weekend of June 16th-17th, 2018)

The second product to be reduced will be the Ghost City Raiders Starter Bundle. This pack of PDFs contains the core rules, ten character types and ten scenarios, with a total individual sale value of $22, it normally sells for $10, but for the weekend will also be marked down to a single dollar.

Here's the Ghost City Raiders link. (It will also only be active over this coming weekend)

In previous years when I've put forward promotions like these, less than half a dozen people have taken advantage of them, we'll see how it goes this year. 

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