03 November, 2017

NaGaDeMon 2017 #4 - Missing Archetypes

In addition to omitting certain elements from the timing of the game in my last post, there are two noir archetypes which probably deserve to be added into the mix.

The Femme Fatale is a staple of film noir, but I don't just want this character type to be something that has a fixed stereotypical role in the game. Perhaps she mimics someone else's ability after they die. The vigilante is another archetype, but I'm probably thinking more of Batman than any traditional film noir character... no, actually it's probably a grey-area anti-hero like the Punisher, or Marv from Sin City. This is the kind of character who would kill upstanding citizens or racketeers, whoever got in the way of their path of vengeance. In these two cases, the Femme Fatale is a wildcard, she could be an accelerator or decelerator depending on what she mimics, while the Vigilante is definitely an accelerator.

The tricky nature of these two characters means they shouldn't be present in games with small numbers of players.

The next thing I'm thinking of doing in the game is giving every player two cards instead of one. The first card is the public card, it gives a nom-de-plume or alias that the character goes by... the two sides of this card would indicate whether the character was active or imprisoned. The second card would be the one indicating "upstanding citizen"/"racketeer"/"professional" status, and any game manipulating abilities that might be possessed in the case of a professional.

Time to start the visual design on these cards.

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