19 July, 2017

EttinCon Mega-Map (Part 1)

I started work on the +Ettin Con Mega-Map a couple of days ago, but this is the first time I've had the chance to post about it. 

The basic concept is a map for a massive collaborative campaign setting where multiple GMs will develop elements of the world with their players during convention sessions, gradually fleshing out the world over the course of years.

But it all needs to start somewhere.

The whole thing is a continental landmass stretching from an equator to an Antarctic circle. Usually when I start a map of this size, I might begin with plate tectonics to work out where natural mountain ranges might form. Otherwise I'll start with wide regions, and then move to plate tectonics to consider how those regions interface with one another. Then, I'd consider how those regions might actually form based on climate patterns, and linked geographical structures.

In this case though, I've been given a preliminary sketch, and now I need to make it look like an appropriate centrepiece for a major undertaking. 

I've got two basic ideas here. 

Option 1.

Option 2. 

Option 1 shows lines of latitude and longitude, reflecting the massive siz of the continent. Option 2 is more like an old world nautical chart. I'm tending toward the first option because it shows how big the landmass is with respect to the world...which option 2 would be better for smaller sections of mapping that might be more accurately depicted on a flat page. 

The final image will probably be a blend of realism and typical fantasy tropes, as it will be painted on a large canvas roll.

...more to come.
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