01 July, 2017

Alternate Game Chef Idea

In these last few years, Game Chef has made the claim that it's about more tjan just RPGs, it has made the claim that it encapsulates all manner of gaming...but for some reason the finalists continue to be dominated by quirky little indie roleplaying games. If you want to be taken seriously in the contest, you play to the judges and write the kinds of things they tend to like.

I think I've been a Game Chef finalist once (maybe twice), in six or seven years of entering... for quirky indir rpg writing. Every time I try something different, I get blanks...either no-one bothers to read my stuff, or those who do read it don't get it.

I try to push the envelope, open the borders, but no-one wants to come with me. Maybe I could just rewrite my game chef experiences in a quirky indie RPG autobiographical form. Meta-parody of the contest.

...Or maybe this is the year to push boundaries and actually get recognised.

They've both got just as much chance of getting recognition.
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