25 July, 2016

Getting into the mood

A few more pictures for the Familiar game. I'm trying to get a feel for it in my head as I finalise certain bits and pieces.

This is not a clean, neat and tidy world, not a place where tragically-hip beautiful people pose for the camera, staring off into a vague middle distance with contempt. It's a world where things happen, where people do things, where familiars linger on the edge, prompting the movements of the world, for good or for ill. 

It's a world where the stasis of the overwhelming has settled, hardened, and finally started to crack. It's a place where the rebellious spirit is sick of being oppressed and finally has the friends and the tools at their disposal to make a difference.

But this is not a game about those rebellious spirits, it's a game about the enigmatic beings who grant them the power over reality, and the dangers these enigmatic beings face as hybrid entities caught between a dying world of dreams and nightmare, and a static world on the brink of oblivion.

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