11 July, 2016

Familiar Illustrations

I think I've found my second artist for the Familiar project.

I've been doing a lot of work over the past fortnight for the Ferret Rescue Association of New South Wales, a club that my wife is starting up with a few friends who have all become disgruntled with the existing local ferret group. I've taken on the role of public relations officer for the club, I even have my own business card.

Over the weekend we had our debut, I painted a picture for a lucky draw prize, and as a group we made lots of useful contacts.

For game related stuff, one of those useful contacts was Samantha Poole, and she said she'd be interested in a commission for a few animal images.

To have a look at some of her work, visit the Little Book of Sonders web page. She seems like she'll be a fun person to work with.

Now to finish writing the game.
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