28 January, 2016

So many ideas...

I've ended up at another one of those points where I've got too many ideas, and not enough time to pursue them all. This is usually the time when I start writing a bunch of half finished concepts, store the, in some kind of file than promptly forget about them.

One of these ideas works on thoughts I've played with a few times over the past couple of months... It's a bit Mage: the Ascension, in the way that every character has magical potential, and magic works on a combination of spheres to create literally any effect. Warriors transcend the combat skills of seasoned mumdane soldiers by augmenting their attacks with mystic power, tinkerers augment their inventions with mystic power to push beyond the cutting edge, then you get your typical healers, shamans, occultists, psychics, and others who touch the wild side. I've tried to avoid too many similarities to Mage by creating narrower "spheres" and more of them, there's also heavy influence from Ars Magica in it too. Characters advance in their spheres by learning spells containing those spheres, the more spells they learn the higher their sphere rating, the higher their sphere rating the better they'll be able to cast spells associated with that sphere. Different types of training automatically learn different basic spells and thus start the progression down that sphere's path of power. I'm also looking at grimoires as a key part of the game, with each mystic noting their path to power through their journals, and new characters teying to piece together their own mystic insight through the journals of those who have gone before. A part of this ties to the last post, with its lists of treasures. I'm vaguely thinking of the aftermath of a magical war across the planes, and a new generation of characters who are trying to pick up the pieces to forge a new destiny for the land.

A second idea involves rewriting Voidstone Chronicles, and that might end up linking to that first idea. But I'm not sure at this point. I've found an enthusiastic local signmaker who is willing to make etched perspex circles and flat-packed plastic terrain pieces with me, and also print magnetic sheets to handle the encumbrance system for that game. So all the things that were holding that game back are now starting to crumble.

A third idea involves collaborative story development, but I've lost the filed notes for that already. So I couldn't elaborate even if I wanted to.

And then there's the scroll game.

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