20 January, 2016

Scroll games

Quite some time ago, I discussed the idea of using variant techniques for displaying information in games. I even made specific mention of using scrolls as a means to present game information such as character sheets or important documentation to establish a link between the in-game narrative influencing the characters and the out-of-game mechanisms that influence the players.

Recently a successful Kickstarter project, Fall of Magic, did just this. I don't think I had anything to do with it, the idea was out there...just waiting for someone to take the chance.

I'm thinking of revisiting this concept in my next mini-game. Perhaps working off the idea of a chase, or trying to keep ahead of a plague. The front of the scroll unrolls as the characters make progress, the back of the scroll rolls back up again as the badness or plague gets closer. The characters are forced to work between the thresholds of what potentials have been revealed as possible in front of them, and what potentials have been eliminated by the encroaching threat.

I really haven't looked to closely at Fall of Magic, so I'm not sure if this is how that game works, but it seems interesting as a method of maintaining pace and story development within the constraints of the scroll. Some character might have abilities to unroll more of the scroll quickly in specific situations, others might have the ability in certain situations to prevent the scroll rerolling as the threat approaches.

Now to apply a suitable theme to it, and tie everything together.
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