23 April, 2015

Web Meanderings

I just dropped by Story Games for a peek this morning. Mostly the same people, talking about mostly the same stuff, telling everyone how much they "ARE NOT THE FORGE", being faux inviting as long as your talking about the inner clique's indie hotness, and offering the cold shoulder if you want to talk about something else (except for a few regular fanatics when it comes to specific topics)...

...it's been almost a year since my last post there, and I opened my last post with a comment like "Wow, I can't believe it's been a year since I posted here".

I used to visit regularly, maybe daily. I'd post things at least twice a week, and respond to plenty of comments. Now I get most of my gaming fix from discussions on dedicated Facebook groups (such as "Roleplaying Opinions" and "Australian Game Designers"), or through numerous circles and pages on G+. The only forum where the people I like are discussing things of relevance to me seems to be 1km1kt, but even that's gone a bit dead lately (and after posting my 314th post on the 3/14/15, it feels wrong to break the pi sanctity by making new posts over there). Most of the designers from 1km1kt are in my Facebook and G+ associates anyway, a few are regular commenters here.

I guess things change, and we change along with them.
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