25 March, 2015

Individual and Communal Relationships

I’ve been thinking a bit about the backgrounds/relationships in System 4, and how they link a character to the outside world. A few people have commented on the idea of having a communal pool of relationships that the whole group contributes to, perhaps along the lines of a group headquarters (or secret lair), or a general link between the wider party and the outside world.

With this in mind, I’ve been considering the idea of splitting the backgrounds into 4 levels, and running the numbers comparing triangular or linear progression.

Allies (I or C)
1 An ally
2 A few allies
3 A small group of allies
4 A large group of allies                   
Contacts (I or C)
1 Contacts in one field (or part of the city)
2 Contacts in a few fields (or parts of the city)
3 Contacts in most fields (or parts of the city)
4 Contacts everywhere                   
Equipment (I or C)
1 A few useful tools
2 An assortment of special gadgets
3 All sorts of implements, doodads, and apparatuses
4 Anything you could want to get your hands on              
Influence (I)
1 Able to manipulate (or gain advantages from) a specific field
2 Able to manipulate (or gain advantages from) a wide field (or a few specific ones)
3 Known as a mover and shaker throughout the city
4 Known as a mover and shaker across the country (or even planet)       
Mentor (I or C)
1 Not much more powerful than you
2 Significantly more powerful than you
3 True Master
+1 Commonly available                   
Psy (I)
1 Aware
2 Sensitive
3 Empowered
4 Mystic                                                 
Reputation (C)
1 Known by Name
2 Recognized
3 Feared/Revered
4 Famous/Infamous                         
Sanctum (I or C)
1 Private Hole
2 Secluded Shelter
3 Secret Bunker
+1 Fortified                                          
Status (I)
1 Associated
2 Accepted
3 Integrated
4 Respected                                         

I don’t think 4 levels really works, it’s feeling a bit too compressed, and maybe a bit too trite in some ways. Maybe I should just run with an open ended linear system.

Needs more work.
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