29 March, 2015

Hypothetical "Other Strangeness" Mutant Animal Derivation Listing

Here's the general listing of animals I'll be using for Other Strangeness... I know there are gaps in the list, I'm just trying to make sure I cover most of the interesting types. Are there any cool animals you'd like to see that I've left out? Note that some of these animals have been detailed far more than others, and some have outdated verb sets attached to them because they were added to the list earlier.

Aardvark – [claws], [burrowing], [good smell], [small x1]
Agouti – [], [small x2]
Ape – []
Armadillo – [hard armour], [], [small x1]
Baboon – [], [small x1]
Bat – Sn-Ch, Fly (Ch), Sense (Ch), Climb (Sn), Hunt (Sn), [wings], [sonar], [no hands], [small x2]
Bear – Fi-Kn, Bite (Fi), Wrestle (Fi), Navigate (Kn), Survive (Kn), [claws], [padded armour], [large x1]
Beaver – [teeth], [tail], [small x2]
Bison – [padded armour], [skeletal reinforcement], [large x2]
Boar – [tusks], [padded armour], [large x1]
Buffalo – [padded armour], [skeletal reinforcement], [large x2]
Camel – Ta-Kn, Navigate (Kn), Survive (Kn), X (Ta), X (Ta), X (), [dry survival], [no hands], [large x2]
Cat – Sn-Ta, Balance (Sn), Hunt (Sn), Convince (Ta), Seduce (Ta), [retractable claws], [nightvision], [small x1]
Cheetah – [claws], [teeth]
Cow – Ta-Kn, Calm (Ta), Perform (Ta), Diagnose (Kn), Survive (Kn), Meditate (Ch), [no hands], [large x2]
Coyote – [teeth]
Deer – [no hands], [antlers], [good hearing]
Dog – Ta-Fi, Bite (Fi), Tackle (Fi), Inspire (Ta), Scare (Ta), Navigate (Kn), [teeth], [no hands], [good smell], [small x1]
Dolphin – [sonar], [no hands], [no legs], [swim speed], [aquatic]
Donkey – [kick], [large x1]
Echidna – [burrowing], [claws], [quills], [good smell], [small x2]
Elephant – Fi-Kn, Gore (Fi), Tackle (Fi), Navigate (Kn), Survive (Kn), Remember (Ch), [prehensile trunk], [tusks], [padded armour], [no hands], [large x3]
Elk – [no hands], [antlers], [skeletal reinforcement], [large x2]
Ferret – Sn-Fi, Climb (Sn), Steal (Sn), Bite (Fi), Wrestle (Fi), Perform (Ta), [teeth], [good smell], [small x2]
Fox – Sn-Kn, Hunt (Sn), Steal (Sn), Solve (Kn), Survive (Kn), Bite (Fi), [teeth], [good smell], [small x1]
Goat – [horns], [skeletal reinforcement], [eat anything], [small x1]
Gorilla – [], [large x1]
Hedgehog – [burrowing], [claws], [quills], [good smell], [small x2]
Hippopotamus – [teeth], [amphibious], [no hands], [large x2]
Horse – Sn-Ta, Run (Sn), (), (), (), [no hands], [large x2]
Human – Ta-Ut, Convince (Ta), Lead (Ta), Construct (Ut), Repair (Ut)
Hummingbird – [wings], [heightened metabolism], [small x3]
Hyena – [teeth]
Kangaroo – Sn-Ta, Jump (Sn), Smuggle (Sn), (), (), [leap]
Koala – [claws], [dry survival], [small x2]
Jaguar – [claws], [teeth]
Lion – [claws], [teeth], [large x1]
Manatee – [aquatic], [armour], [large x2]
Marten – [teeth], [small x2]
Mink – [teeth], [small x2]
Mole – [burrowing], [claws], [small x2]
Monkey – Kn-Ut, Jury Rig (Ut), Repair (Ut), Play (Kn), Solve (Kn), Climb (Sn), [prehensile tail], [small x1]
Mouse – [], [small x3]
Muskrat – [teeth], [small x2]
Opossum – [Claws], [Prehensile Tail], [Nightvision], [Play Dead], [small x2]
Orang-Utan – []
Otter – [], [small x2]
Pig – []
Platypus – [amphibious], [spurs], [poison], [], [small x2]
Possum – [Nightvision], [Claws], [small x2]
Rabbit – [Leap], [small x2]
Raccoon – [], [small x2]
Rhinoceros – [horn], [reinforced skeleton], [armour], [large x2]
Rodent – [Teeth], [good hearing], [good smell], [small x3]
Sheep – []
Skunk – [musk], [small x2]
Sloth – [claws], [small x1]
Squirrel – [claws-climbing], [small x2]
Tapir – [proboscis], [no hands], [good hearing], [small x1]
Tasmanian Devil – [Claws], [Teeth], [small x2]
Tiger – [claws], [teeth], [nightvision], [large x1]
Walrus – [teeth], [pressure tolerance], [padded armour], [no hands], [no legs], [large x1]
Weasel – [Teeth], [Heightened Metabolism], [Good Smell], [small x2]
Whale – [pressure tolerance], [padded armour], [no hands], [no legs], [sonar], [large x4]
Wolf – [Teeth]
Wolverine – [Teeth], [Claws], [small x1]
Wombat – [Reinforced Skeleton], [armour], [burrowing]
Chicken – [wings], [no hands], [small x2]
Crow – Ut-Ch, Dream (Ch), Fly (Ch), Construct (Ut), Jury Rig (Ut), Steal (Sn), [wings], [good eyesight], [small x2]
Duck – [wings], [no hands], [small x2]
Eagle (Predatory Bird) – Sn-Fi, Hunt (Sn), X (Sn), Dodge (Fi), Slash (Fi), Fly (Ch), [wings], [talons], [good eyesight], [small x1]
Emu – {no hands], [powerful legs]
Flamingo – [wings]
Goose – [wings], [no hands], [small x1]
Kiwi – [small x2]
Kookaburra – [beak], [wings], [small x2]
Lyrebird – [wings], [mimicry], [claws], [small x1]
Ostrich – {no hands], [powerful legs]
Owl – [Wings], [Nightvision], [Talons], [small x1]
Turkey – [wings], [small x1]
Alligator – [teeth], [hard armour], [cold blood], [tail], [aquatic], [large x1]
Crocodile – [teeth], [hard armour], [cold blood], [tail], [aquatic], [large x1]
Frilled Lizard – Fi-Ch, Bite (Fi), Block (Fi), Attune (Ch), Dream (Ch), Climb (Sn), [cold blood], [small x2]
Iguana – Fi-Ch, Bite (Fi), Block (Fi), Attune (Ch), Dream (Ch), Climb (Sn), [cold blood], [small x2]
Komodo Dragon – [poison], [armour], [cold blood], [claws], [teeth], [large x1]
Skink – Fi-Ch, Bite (Fi), Block (Fi), Attune (Ch), Dream (Ch), Climb (Sn), [cold blood], [small x3]
Snake (viper) – Ch-Fi, Hypnotize (Ch), Command (Ch), Bite (Fi), Wrestle (Fi), Poison (Kn), [poison], [no legs], [no hands], [small x1]
Snake (constrictor) – Ch-Fi, Hypnotize (Ch), Command (Ch), Bite (Fi), Wrestle (Fi), Poison (Kn), [reinforced skeleton], [no legs], [no hands], [small x1 to large x1]
Turtle – Sn-Ch, Hide (Sn), Swim (Sn), Meditate (Ch), X (Ch), Block (Fi), [hard armour], [pressure tolerance] , [small x2]
Axolotl – [Amphibious], [small x3]
Frog – [leap], [Amphibious], [small x3]
Poisonous Frog – [leap], [poison]. [Amphibious], [small x3]
Salamander – [Amphibious], [small x3]
Toad – [leap], [Amphibious], [small x3]
Angler Fish – [teeth], [aquatic], [armour], [incandescence], [pressure tolerance], [small x2]
Blowfish – [poison], [aquatic], [armour], [spines], [small x2]
Fighting Fish
General Fish (freshwater) – [aquatic], [armour], [small x3]
General Fish (saltwater) – [aquatic], [armour], [small x3]
Lungfish – [aquatic], [amphibious], [armour], [small x2]
Piranha – [teeth], [aquatic], [armour], [good smell], [small x3]
Shark – Fi-Sn, Hunt (Sn), Swim (Sn), Bite (Fi), Rip (Fi), Smell (Ch), [breathe underwater], [pressure tolerance], [padded armour], [no hands], [no legs], [good smell], [small x2 to large x2]
Ant – [good smell], [extra limbs], [small x4]
Bee – [wings], [extra limbs], [good smell], [stinger], [small x4]
Beetle – [heavy armour], [small x4]
Butterfly – [wings], [extra limbs], [good smell], [small x4]
Centipede – [extra limbs], [armour], [small x4]
Cockroach – [armour], [climbing claws], [extra limbs], [small x4]
Crab – [armour], [extra limbs], [aquatic], [pincers], [small x3]
Cricket – [leap], [extra limbs], [armour], [small x4]
Dragonfly – [wings], [extra limbs], [armour], [small x4]
Earthworm – [armour], [regeneration], [no hands], [no legs], [small x4]
Firefly – [wings], [extra limbs], [incandescence], [small x4]
Fly – [wings], [extra limbs], [small x4]
Grasshopper/Locust – [leap], [wings], [armour], [small x4]
Jellyfish – [aquatic], [poison], [extra limbs], [small x3]
Leech – [armour], [no hands], [no legs], [small x4]
Lobster – [aquatic], [extra limbs], [small x3]
Millipede – [extra limbs], [armour], [poison], [small x4]
Mosquito – [wings], [proboscis], [extra limbs], [small x4]
Moth – [wings], [extra limbs], [good smell], [small x4]
Octopus – [tentacles], [no hands], [pressure tolerance], [extra limbs], [small x2]
Scorpion – [poison], [extra limbs], [tail], [small x4]
Sea Cucumber
Spider – [poison], [spinnerets], [extra limbs], [small x4]
Squid – Sn-Ut, Squirt Ink (Sn), Swim (Sn), Construct (Ut), Jury-Rig (Ut), Solve (Kn), [ink], [beak], [no hands], [extra limbs], [small x2 to large x4]
Starfish – [extra limbs], [regeneration], [small x3]
Tardigrade (Water Bear) – [pressure tolerance], [armour], [hibernation], [small x4]
Wasp – [wings], [extra limbs], [good smell], [stinger], [small x4]
Argentadon – [claws], [teeth], [heavy armour], [large x2]
Hyaenodon – [claws], [teeth], [large x3]
Mammoth – [prehensile trunk], [tusks], [heavy armour], [large x4]
Megalodon – [claws], [teeth], [heavy armour], [large x3]
Megatherion – [claws], [teeth], [heavy armour], [large x2]
Smilodon – [claws], [teeth], [armour], [large x2]
Thylodon – [claws], [teeth], [heavy armour], [large x2]
Terror Bird
Allosaur – [claws], [teeth], [heavy armour], [large x3]
Ankylosaur – [claws], [teeth], [heavy armour], [large x3]
Brontosaur – [claws], [teeth], [heavy armour], [large x5]
Diatrymon – [claws], [teeth], [heavy armour], [large x3]
Dromaeosaur – [claws], [teeth], [heavy armour], [large x3]
Duckoid – [claws], [teeth], [heavy armour], [large x3]
Koolasuchus – [claws], [teeth], [heavy armour], [large x4]
Pachycephalosaur – [claws], [teeth], [heavy armour], [large x3]
Plesiosaur – [claws], [teeth], [aquatic], [heavy armour], [large x4]
Pterasaur – [claws], [wings], [armour], [large x1]
Sarcosuchus – [claws], [teeth], [heavy armour], [large x2]
Saurinoid – [claws], [teeth], [heavy armour], [large x3]
Stegosaur – [claws], [teeth], [heavy armour], [large x3]
Triceratops – [claws], [horns], [heavy armour], [large x2]
Tyrannosaur – [claws], [teeth], [heavy armour], [large x3]


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