Sharing a Commission

I was working on this commission over a month ago, when my scanner went down. As a result, I've had to wait until now, when I'm using my parents' scanner to digitize a whole lot of recent imagery.

I'm not really happy with the way this one has turned out, so I've performed a few tricks to make it a bit better.

Firstly, the image was drawn at A2 (420mm x 594mm) I had to scan it in four A4 passes, then use Photoshop to reassemble the final image. This always causes problems.

Next, the edges of the A4 quarters became dimmed, dulled and slightly blurred along the middle joins because the excess paper caused the image to bend away from the scanning plate. To cover this, I've used stock footage of folded and slightly crumpled paper and a multiplied background for the image. Hopefully this gives it the vibe of a military map that might have been found in the pocket of a soldier and unfolded before characters go in for the mission.

I wanted to add some colour to this, but I didn't quote it in my original commission, and this map has taken me too long already. I've probably already put in twice as many hours as I originally intended, and it's well overdue for the person who originally requested it.

I hope he likes it.  


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