Map Tutorial 16: A wider perspective

Since we've missed a few weeks, there will be a couple of map tutorials each day over the next few days to help clear out the back log. I hope you don't mind.

This is my attempt at replicating one of the common styles of map found in plenty of RPGs and fantasy novels in the 80s and 90s. It plays with perspective, where the bottom of the map provides the close detail for the area where the action takes place, while the further territories gradually get less and less detailed and the context of the setting is placed in the wider world.

I drew plenty of maps like this is the mid 90s when I was running a few fantasy campaigns, but as I moved toward tales in modern settings and urban environments I stopped drawing in this style. It's nice to get back to it.

These maps aren't meant to be accurate for scale, towns are typically drawn much larger than they should be, individual trees depicted in forests are also enlarged....but it certainly gives a distinct feel for the region being portrayed.

I might do a few maps like this in the near future. Maybe drawing up a few of my old campaign worlds for people to share/    


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