Walkabout as a LARP

One of the concepts behind Walkabout is that it's diceless. The game derives it's random factor from drawing coloured tokens, perhaps out of a tin can, perhaps out of a bag. Three to six tokens are drawn, three are chosen for the result...further tokens may be drawn to push the degree of success or sacrifice further. You don't need to sit down at a table to do this. You could be walking through town, walking through the bush, exploring urban ruins.

This really adds to the immersion of the game.

I'm thinking that one of the fun ways to run the game might be to take weekly walks through the local area. Over the course of the walk, the GM and the players narrate their way through the story...in game this might reflect the wayfarers taking a journey from one town to the next. As the players walk, they discuss the events from the town they have just left. They converse about how they corrected the imbalance, how they we forced to leave before everything could be fully resolved, or how they thought everything was resolved, but something didn't feel quite right at the end.

Wayfarers exist between the physical and spiritual worlds, walking between them and correcting their balance. So, if a character dies during the story, their player might still walk with everyone else, perhaps taking one final walk into the dreaming...resolving their story. The players might bring along a new apprentice as they leave town, such an apprentice would be 'listening to the tale' and learning what it means to be a wayfarer in time for the next town's arrival.

Character's die, but the circle remains.

If a player can't make it for the walk, then their character might have simply been called to deal with other problems of imbalance. Their walk might bring them back to the circle at a later time. Emissaries of the spirits sometimes move in ways just as mysterious as the spirits themselves.

It's an interesting concept, one I've been thinking about for a while. Bashing people with foam sticks just reinforced the concept and clarified it a bit for me.


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