24 July, 2013

Some more Walkabout imagery

 Sorry, this is not the best image, but it's just something else I've been working on for Walkabout.

Deliberately drawn in a style closer to fashion illustration, this series of images will depict the seven major cultures of the Walkabout world and the stereotypical clothing they might wear. One male and one female of each.

Accompanying these illustrations will  be a series of detail shots depicting signature items of clothing, tools and general equipment that might be carried by members of this culture.

Once this series is completed, I've got a few preliminary sketches for some of the dances used by Wayfarers to commune with the spirits (only half a dozen so far, a mixed group of males and females).

Then, I'm probably going to draw up a series of illustrations depicting the edges (the powers, bonuses and training that people use to survive the world of Walkabout), one male or female for each because there are quite a few edges.

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