01 February, 2013

Vector Graphics

If I'm embracing the 8-bit side-scrolling feel for Voidstone Chronicles, it makes sense that I should use images that fit the style.

With a few vector art dolls to build off (I'll have to make sure these are either public domain, or get the suitable permissions), I'm thinking of building up some armour style components and hair styles to make modular character portraits.

Yes, I know they aren't realistic, but neither is the game.

I haven't decided whether it will be a parody of 8-bit PC/console gaming, or an honest homage to the game style. I can see the merits in both.

The biggest two problems I'm having with the idea are...

1. I'm trying to make this another pocketmod game, but I keep coming up with too many core rule ideas to fit into 8 tiny pages. I'm just going to have to strip my more elaborate thoughts away.

2. A lot of the cool ideas I've thought about including didn't really appear until later generations of gaming. For example, I thought about the idea of modular equipment sets that combined to give cool effects...items with symbiotic synergies (if you've got one you get a small bonus, if you've got two then each gives a larger bonus, and if you've got all three then they all give big bonuses)...but I didn't see that sort of thing until Diablo 2, which was well and truly after the 8-bit age.

More thought and ideas to come.

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