Cold City (Prep Work)

The game Cold City has sat on my gaming shelf for over 3 years now. Leah played it at GenCon Oz in 2009 and liked it so much that she immediately bought a copy. I've wanted to play or run it, but just haven't had the chance...until now.

I like the concept behind the game, it sits like a blend of Hellboy, Indiana Jones and the recent Captain America movie (although it predates Captain America by a couple of years).

The premise of the game involves supernatural troubleshooters picking up the pieces in a war ravaged Berlin after World War 2. The characters conflict with one another over personal and national agendas while trying to work with one another to solve supernatural mysteries left behind by the Nazis. I can see it being a lot of fun.

Prep work for this mini campaign will involve a bunch of maps and documentation for characters to find. I'll also be trying the orbital method of plot development, which is something I looked at previously. I was ure I mentioned it here on the blog previously, and linked to someone else's blog ideas about it...It basically means that a story starts with a single point and ripples outward through causes and effects until you find the clearly visible plot aspects that the general public can catch wind of.

New arrivals on the scene find these outermost ripple events, and hopefully they follow them inward to the central cause...if they don't they instead find another outer ripple event and follow that inward. If they find a few of these, they may join up the thread of inquiry and gain a better understanding of what is a work in the shadows.

It seems like a reasonable plot development method for a game like this, while allowing the players to really get involved in the personal politics of the game.

I'll provide some more details shortly, as well as considering some of the other ideas I'll be injecting into this game.    


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