11 August, 2012

The mid design slog

My two design projects for this year have gotten to that point where things are locking into place...that has its advantages and disadvantages.

Both games ("Hell on Eight Wheels" and "Walkabout") have a good solid framework, they both have some innovative systems (or at least retool existing systems in innovative ways), they work well in my mind, and have gone through a decent number playtest examples and simulations.

But now I've reached that point where I just have to focus and get them finished. I really like these two games, I think they've both got some great potential for an entertaining evening (or afternoon...or morning). Its that point where I just have to focus on them and get them right.

Both games need to be written up formally in a way that makes sense to someone reading them for the first time. In this regard, Hell on Eight Wheels needs a good series of procedural play instructions (and some solid explanations for play), it has a few of these but I'm worried that they might be a bit too complex for a board game. Walkabout needs revision and clarification to the core character generation rules. Both games need to be playtested.

I don't want them to languish in development hell, like so many of my other game projects.
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