19 August, 2012

Application of Cascade Effects

Let’s look at the sample combat sequence with cascade effects in play.

The shaman still goes first.
Shaman – (Narrates his “Bloodthirsty” à “Dangerous” cascade) The shaman utters mumbled words in a monotone voice, sending his shadowy spirit companion across the junkyard. It descends on Claire, ripping away at her exposed flesh.
Claire – (Narrates her “Pistol” à “Blessed Ammo” à “Weapon” cascade) Before it can do too much damage to her, Claire fires wildly into the air in the general direction of the spirit. The gunshots cause it to become confused momentarily, allowing Claire the opportunity to find a way out.

Claire is out of there, she still has a short term “injury”, but things are nowhere near as bad as they could have been.

I don’t know if this is better. It’s certainly quicker, but there is a whole lot of depth that simply gets lost. Carol should still face Claire’s white token on her “Disturbed” trait, because this could be a pivotal feature of the encounter…something that really tells us more about the character.

Thinking more about it, the cascade effects are a cool idea but I think they clutter the mechanisms already in play, while detracting from the story potential inherent in the basic system.

I think I’ll stick with the current set up.
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