12 July, 2012

Campaign Play for FUBAR

Those who read this blog probably know about my game FUBAR. If not, go and download yourself a copy (it's free).

It has proven itself to be a robust system for one-shots. It facilitates quick understanding of the rules, and mechanisms that blend into the background to focus on storytelling.I've had a few reports of other groups playing the game without me, and it seems to work on it's own.

The one thing I haven't had the chance to play with it is a sequence of multiple stories, with characters developing over the course of a series.

This will be remedied when I run my first FUBAR mini-campaign over the next couple of weeks. I'm thinking something vaguely steampunk at this stage, probably using the gunslinging rules I developed for "High Plains FUBAR", maybe starting with the protagonists as resurrected anti-heroes here to complete one last series of missions in a hope of redemption before hell claims their souls (a la "Dead and FUBARd").

With it's tendency toward dramatic and escalated stories, it's going to be fun to keep the tone of the game regulated during the first couple of sessions, thus allowing the drama at the end to be truly meaningful.

I'm tempted to develop a few more twists for the rules, but since none of the members of this roleplaying group are familiar with the system I think it's better to keep things simple at the start of play.

Whether or not the protagonists start play as resurrected corpses, I will definitely be including the rule mechanisms for character relationships that I developed for "Dead and FUBARd". These have proven to add some great dramatic tension to the stories told, and they pull disparate characters together in fun and interesting ways.

I'm thinking that I'll pace out the revelation of the random play cards, perhaps pulling on two from each category (locations, conspiracies and items) at the start of play, while introducing one from each category in each subsequent story until everything has been brought into play and tied together.

I'll report a bit more over the course of play...and if this works it might prompt me to finally release a few more of the supplements I've held on the back burner for the last couple of months.
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