28 September, 2010

Game Chef Reviews (In Progress)

I'm still living the life of an internet nomad at the moment.

We've luckily got a neighbour who is tech-savvy enough to have a Wi-Fi network, but not quite tech-savvy enough to have a password protecting it.

Depending on where the laptop is in the current house, there might be good reception, poor reception or a signal so weak that it doesn't actually allow signals through.

When I work on my laptop in bed, I can't get any signal at all because we have metal security shutters on the window, and the winder snapped...thus a thick metal plate barring any signals from getting to me. So I find myself typing in a room filled with packing boxes while most of the other rooms in the house are bare, or packed similarly.

The good news is that we've secured a new house, the bad news is that it's a bit of a distance out of Sydney. Our broadband network supplier doesn't have cables or ADSL boards installed in the phone exchange that far out...and most of the service providers I've managed to contact are the same. As a result we're going to have to spend $100 to break our internet contract, annoying since we couldn't continue with them if we wanted to. What's even stranger is that the $100 contract breaking fee is less than the $150 change of address fee that we would have had to pay even if they were in the area we are moving too. I'm sure it makes some kind of corporate sense to somebody, but it makes no sense to me.

So, for the next three weeks, the joys of moving house.

I've read through a few Game Chef entries and I could easily see myself playing some of them. I've written up a page of notes each, for the five entries I've read so far. I'll compile them into some semblance of a decent review shortly.
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