06 September, 2010

Alt 1977 - Retro Funk

As a child of the disco era, born in the heady days of the mid 1970s, I spent my earliest years listening to the dulcet tones of Tom Jones, the experimental sounds of Led Zeppelin and the smooth sounds of old-school soul and chunky bass of funk. I looked in wonder as amazing techologies like the Atari 2600 were purchased by aunts and uncles, the Vic-20 was plugged in by a friend's family, and another uncle broke into the modern world with this first CD player (while my parents didn't have any need for such things, until I moved out of home and suddenly the money for toys and gadgets increased exponentially).

Looking over these advertisements is like a trip back to a world that should have been. It's a great inspiration for a game....someone may already be working on that game. But it doesn't mean that other people can't draw inspiration from the same well.

Edit: While adding in the links, I've just realised that the game is in development by Contested Ground, so if this means it will be a part of the Cold City/Hot War oeuvre, then I've already got space on my shelf for it.

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