24 April, 2010

Some examples of Games for Goblins

There's some ideas posted at Games for Goblins, if anyone's interested in having a look.

Just some games I threw together, based on some of the ideas I had when I was illustrating the book.

They aren't meant to be complicated games, just simple things that help get creative juices flowing.

The first is called "Defending the Horde"...though that should probably read "Defending the Hoard", a tactical game where a single powerful antagonist tries to raid a goblin treasure pile while everyone else defends it. Each player takes turns as the antagonist.

The second is called "The Maiden" and it's all about Goblin courtship.

I'll be creating a few more idea for the project over the next couple of weeks regardless of whether anyone else decides to provide input. I'll be trying to make sure a combination of all the different components are used in the various games I write up.
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