13 February, 2010

The Turku School

What is it about scandinavian gamers?

I've been reading through the Manifesto of the Turku school, and the first thing that comes to mind is that we've been doing a lot of this stuff in Sydney since the late 1980s.

Live gaming and immersion are such an intrinsic part of the Australian-style freeform that we just never bothered to formulise the proceedings. As far as we were concerned, it was all a part of the word free-form.

Just like most Australian endeavours, we innovate, but no-one can be bothered ritualising the details or refining the patents. Aussie attitude, probably...sheer laziness, maybe.

I've played games under The LARPers vow of Chastity, and have had really great times doing so. Often adding immensely to the theme of the session for other players. In fact I spent the L5R freeform at Gencon 2008, simply sitting in the corner painting pictures in character, not following agendas because I didn't have any, I simply painted and had other players approach me, following their own goals.

It's interesting that Scandinavians have become known for this style of play. It seems to share something deep with the notions of Jeepform.
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