06 February, 2010

Norwegian Style

Matthijs has sent me a copy of Norwegian Style (he said it would probably take a fortnight to arrive, but it only took a week or so...surprisingly good service from Lulu.)

At first glance, I'm really struck by a couple of key ideas.

1. I really like the idea of a roleplaying anthology.

It's a series of games all linked by the theme that they are Norwegian, even if this purely means that the games are written by Norwegian authors. I would love to see similar "anthology-style" books following other themes; "horror games", "swashbuckling games", "immersion games", "games using non-dice, non-card randomising tools".

2. The roleplaying poem.

The idea of a quick roleplaying game with minimal preparation that plays out over a period of less than an hour, maybe even 15 minutes. I'm so tempted to insert a couple of these roleplaying poems into my new D&D game, just to see how well the concepts work among players who aren't used to playing this type of game. Or playing a couple of roleplaying poems in the pub after a convention. It's interesting to think that a lot of the concepts in roleplaying poems are instinctive...pretend you're someone else for a while, riff of the elements introduced by other players...don't contradict people, just see where this leads.

I don't know if this is an advanced form of play, or if it's simply stripping the elements of roleplaying to their barest essentials. Either way, it seems pretty cool.
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