Inktober 2019 Day 6 - Husky / Oracle

Like the creation of life, the manipulation of emotions, and a genie granting a wish that grants more wishes, time travel is a messy business that is generally banned. For the purposes of narrative, and having meaningful choices in an RPG, the idea of fixed destiny deprotagonising the characters immensely.

Oracle's can get around this by seeing likely outcomes based on probability, rather than definitive versions of the future. A careful storyteller can provide definitve vignettes or snippets of the future, but allow players to recontextualise the vignette, perhaps eliminating someone then masquerading as them when the moment arrives, or changing the contents of a mysterious suitcase when the materials within are unknown. It's all about playing with the unknowns.

I'm still working out the best way to address these ideas in the context of a game. There probably is no best way to do it, because each choice will make a dramatic impact on the way the game setting is descrbed and the stories within it are told. A Doctor Who story is going to be quite different to 12 Monkeys, which will both be different to Terminator.


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