19 March, 2018

Neither here, nor there

Edges are mystically powerful. The transition between open plains and dense forest, the coastline between land and sea, the wizard's tower between the earth and the sky. The places unable to be clearly defined as neither one thing or another make a natural home for energies in flux, for the transformation of things.

The realms of the Dark Places have laws of their own... these may follow the laws of the physical realm, an internally consistent dream rules, a paradigm matching an ancient set of mythical lore, or something else entirely. Magic can often be woven in these realms, but only if it follows the laws of the realm. The most powerful mystics learn to bridge realms with stable wormholes... much like a wizards tower connecting the earth and the sky. Within such wormholes, the wizard's belief sets the reality; these places exist outside time and space, they are sanctum sanctorum. Within a wormhole, a wizard may create subrealms according to their whim. Such realms might be connected like the rooms in a house, with doors and corridors joining them (often for the comfort of outsider visitors more than any requirement for the creating wizard), other wizards may allow the subconscious chaos of dream logic to connect a surreal landscape of subrealms.

There are very few wizards powerful enough to make them, and even then wormholes need a pair of stable realms to connect to. If either collapses, the wormhole, and any subrealms within it are also collapsed.

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