29 June, 2017

Vehicles of the Law

I've been working on cleaning the house, 3d printing, and trying to organise illustrations and page layout for "The Law". That's why things have been going slowly here on the blog. So here's an update on those other things I've been doing, and how they tie into my game design projects.

This is the advanced transport unit of the Agents of the Law, or at least a variant that occured to me as I was 3D printing the model that will be used for posing illustrations of the vehicle. A biped certainly has a cool cyberpunk anime feel to it, but it moves away from the Judge Dredd vibe (even though recent advances in robotics mght actually make it a feasible design).

Despite the coolness of the biped, the larger vehicle was actually designed to be a quadruped. So here's the complete model, with the Lawbringer cycle. 

I still think I need to do a reprint of the cycle, probably about 20% bigger than the current model. 
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