21 February, 2017


They say things are worth what people are willing to pay for them.

Sometimes I wonder about that.

I've got stuff that has a big sentimental attachment for me. A massive miniatures collection that I've spent thousands of dollars on over the course of two decades, including a few painted pieces that have won awards at various conventions and tournaments over the years. But at least half of the figures are for games that are no longer in print. When times have been tough, I've been told by a few people that I should just sell them, but I haven't because In specific cases I remember painting each one (or, for the rest, at least vaguely remember painting each batch). For me the hobby is about the play, and the painting, and the imagination. The collectability of the metal (or resin or plastic) is just an aside. I could probably sell the figures for a few hundred dollars in batches (sold by game, sold by faction), I'd still have quite a few odd pieces left over.

I see gamers on Facebook groups trying to sell their armies of miniatures for purchase price, sometimes seeing them ask three or four times the purchase price if they think they've done good painting (or if they've had the models professionally painted)... then I typically see them drop the price, or get angry that people aren't buying. Then again, I see people in all sorts of other "swap and sell" Facebook groups doing the same with all manner of second hand goods...people don't seem to realise that things depreciate in value, especially when they are used.

Just what's going through my head at the moment.
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