30 December, 2016

Behind the Scenes with Angels

As you can see from the last post, I've been working on some illustrations of angels over the past couple of days.

This rush of creative energy has basically been prompted by my Dad recommending me to look at the artwork of people he considers my peers (i.e. other children of people he knows from his church)... then me looking at that artwork and thinking its absolutely rubbish... then me wondering how these artists with poor technique and unprofessional output ended up getting jobs in the worlds of animation, graphic design, advertising, comics, and assorted other creative fields. 

I figured that there is no point simply complaining about it, and maybe I should just go back to producing more work of my own to hone my craft.

The tower maps were a part of that, the factional illustration to go with the tower maps were similarly a part of it. These angel illustrations are simply a way of refining another of my artistic styles. Perhaps to go with one of my own game designs, but it looks like the sequence has drawn the interest of a few outside parties.

For the moment though, I'll continue working through these until I'm satisfied that they've run their course. The next ones in the sequence will include a few more diverse body types, as well as some male angels and a couple of androgynous celestial beings.

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