22 October, 2016

Tracking the LARP

For the last few months, after every LARP game, I've been tracking how characters have done in their assigned missions. I've done this by following a few key ideas:
  1. Missions occur in key marked locations
  2. Territories are expanded for factions when their missions have been successful.
  3. Territories turn from factionally aligned to neutral if a faction succeeds in a mission in another faction's territory.
  4. Influence spreads to adjacent territories if these adjacent territories are uncontested.
  5. Influence does not spread to adjacent territories if two different factions could see their influence spread into the territory.
  6. The overall power of the factions throughout the region is simply determined by adding up the number of territories they control.

This process started after the third game of the LARP, when I decided the players needed a bit more focus and the factional system was brought into effect. Today saw the end of game 6.

End of Game 3 - The Nomads (Green) did very well, the scholars of the University (Blue) secured a central part of the map due to the actions of members outside their faction, and the Criminal bandits (Red) focused their efforts in the north. 

End of Game 4 - The Military (White) made a strong showing in this game, while the Nomads (Green) lost a lot of their territory to successful missions from other factions. The University scholars shifted their influence northward. 

End of Game 5 - The Military (White) lost a bit of influence to the south with a growing black market from the Criminal bandits (Red). The mysterious Cult (Black) establishes a stronghold in the northern mountains, pushing out the last elements of the bandits in the area.

End of Game 6 - The Military (White) regains some power by securing a second stronghold at the Rainbow Vale. Similarly, the Nomads (Green) started to regain strength across the region, perhaps hoping to establish a secure route from east to west again. The University (Blue) loses ground, as the Criminals (Red) dominate a larger region of the civilised lands in the south east with their black market trade. The Cult (Black) remains stalwart in the mountains.  

We'll see where things progress from here.
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