16 May, 2015

Welcome to Darkhive

While I was painting, my computer was working away rendering some CGI. These are for the long term work in progress tentatively titled "Darkhive", a ruined hulk deep adrift in astral spece, inhabited by the descendants of it's original crew and numerous other races who have become caught in its gravity well.

The basic ship is a dyson sphere within a dyson sphere. At the centre is a sub-black hole, maybe a neutron star, may a fragment of a white dwarf,or a naked singualrity...it doesn't really matter except that this power source is immense and will continue producing powered for hundreds of thousands of years.

The major open habitable zone of the ship exists between the dyson sphere layers. Above and below this zone are complex labyrinths of passages, chambers, and arcane technologies that sustain the ship. The problem with living in the major habitable zone are the mutated predators (some swim, some fly), so most people live in the passages above and beneath.

Here's the images that the computer worked on while I was painting. Gradually building up the intended mood of the hive.

And here's a partially cutaway overview of the hive shape.

There's far more to it than this, but the computer can only handle so much.
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