24 September, 2014

Designing a Boffer LARP System (Part 15)

I hate systems that aren't consistent and coherent. I like systems that require little rules knowledge, are easy for new players to get into, but provides options for a bit of crunch for those players who like it.

With that in mind, this game will use abilities and techniques. Abilities will follow the previously described 3-tier system (basic, intermediate, expert/advanced). Techniques will be special capabilties that a player can buy for their character, they will require prerequisite abilities and must be purchased seperately. Abilities simply allow new options for players to engage (if you have it, you can do it), Techniques on the otjer hand open up the possibility of doing things (you need to perform some kind of test every time you attempt a technique).

I'm seeing most characters start with 6 levels of 'Abilities', half a dozen techniques, and a few traits that influence these. 

Over time, they'll gradually learn new 'Abilities' and acquire new 'Traits', but they'll pick up far more techniques (which will include spells, mystic effects, weapon specialties, objects that can be crafted, status manipulation techniques, etc.)

This basically means that we can simplify an ability like healing...

None: You know how to drink a healing potion, or force it down someone else's throat.
Basic: You may use a First Aid Kit on any members of your party after a conflict (regardless of who does this, only one treatment may be administered per party member).
Intermediate: You may use a First Aid Kit during a conflict (this takes two minutes to perform).
Advanced: You may focus your attention on a single party member currently near death, this party member is stabilised (if they draw a "death" result from their injuries, they instead suffer a permanent wound).

Make Herbal First Aid Kit - (requires basic healing and basic survival) Spend 4 herbs, then make a test. If successful gain a first aid kit with 4 doses. Each time this first aid kit is used, spend a dose to restore a single hit point to target, or restore damage to a limb.
Use Alchemical First Aid Kit - (requires basic healing and basic alchemy) While at a laboratory, spend 2 "element 1" and 2 "element 2". If successful, gain an alchemical first aid kit with 2 doses. Each time this first aid kit is used, spend a dose to restore a target to full health.
Field Surgery - (requires intermediate healing) Make a test. If successful, injured victim's limb will be restored in half the usual time (if it would not normally have been restored, it will restore during the next rest break).

I think the next thing I'll look at will be a smaple character sheet, or maybe a character scroll or pocketmod booklet?

Maybe it's time to get a bit graphical for a while.
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