20 August, 2013

Further Comic Images

It seems there are quite a few people interested in the work being done on the Walkabout comic; so that gives me the motivation to do more work on it.

In theory, I could repeat the same images over and over when different characters are talking to one another give them some different backgrounds and modify the scale to make the repetition not so obvious. But since I've had a few hundred looks at the post in the last 24 hours, that tells me it's worthwhile doing a bit more work on it. So maybe a few more poses of each character, some varied expressions (for when things go well or when things go badly), and a few more illustrations of how the mechanisms of the game work.

So I'll knock out another two dozen pages, and that's about it for the out-of-character stuff and the meta-details that explain the game. It just needs some refinements to the story so that it highlights the various rules that need to be explained to readers, and once this is done it needs to be formally scripted to ensure it fits into the right number of pages (I'm tossing up between 128 and 160 pages). If it works like a movie script, where each page of script represents a minute of screen time; then 160 pages might represent almost 3 hours worth of reading material.

Then it's time to get stuck into the in-character imagery. I want these pictures to have a very different visual style to them, so I might try to call in an outside artist.

Decisions, decisions.
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