29 April, 2013

Changing the Geomorphs

After a bit of feedback, and a restructure of the game, I'll be making changes to the hexagonal geomorphs used to construct towns in 'Town Guard'.

At the moment, there is a big hexagonal ghosted area at the centre of the tile. This ghosted area holds the name of the tile location, a keyword or two, and possible some kind of modifier for missions.

The most common comment is that this ghosted area obscures a lot of the detail in the town map, especially at the centre, which is where the most interesting buildings and landmarks tend to be featured

The changed structure will open up the centre of the tiles again, and make a subtle but noticeable change in the gameplay. Now, there will be two or three smaller labels.
1. The tiles name.
2. A local threat/complication, which modifies missions confronted in this location.
3. A regional threat/complication, which modifies all missions confronted across the town while there is an unresolved mission on this location.

For example, the Palace might produce anextra point of ho ourif a mission is successfully confronted on it...but while it is under threat from an unresolved mission, all other missions across the town might have their target numbers increased by four. This makes the palace important, players will want to resolve missions there to keep the rest of the game from getting out of hand.

I don't want to include too many fiddly rules like this, the game needs to remain approachable for a casual player. But, I think that setting up this structure at the game's release allows for potential later, when I'm looking to expand.
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