04 February, 2012

A Zombie Redemption game for Kids

One of the supplement sets I'm working on for FUBAR is called "Dead and FUBAR'd".

It's a game where the characters have been killed with unfinished business...they have to tr to resolve that business before their limbs rot to the point of uselessness and their bestial urges take control once and for all.

I'm running it at the Sydcon RPG convention, later this year.

The catch is that one of the days at Sydcon has been designated a "Kid Friendly" day. You need to run something suitable for kids to play. How do you do this with flesh eating zombies hell-bent on revenge and accomplishing the deeds that will allow them to rest in peace?


You make it a game about stuffed toys.

Zombie teddy-bears who seek to beat the stuffing out of their enemies. So they can eat the stuffing and refill their own torn bodies with it. Revenant piecemeal action figures who reattach the limbs of their opponents when they have taken too much damage...and each of these toys is hoping to defend their child from one last invasion of nightmare creatures who threaten to rip the innocence from their imaginations.

I don't know how well it will work. But the idea seems to have legs at this stage.
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