28 September, 2011

Injury, Dishonour, Panic and Scourge

As a part of the miniatures/live action game based in my goblin world, I've got four ways of inflicting penalties on a target:

Injury (Based on Bones) - A physical form of penalty
Dishonour (Based on Bugs) - A social form of penalty
Scourge (Based on Cogs) - A spiritual/psychic form of penalty
Panic (Based on Tools) - A mental form of penalty

If a goblin suffers a point of penalty, all actions within that spehere suffer a minor impairment.

If a goblin suffers a second point in the same form of penalty, all actions within that sphere suffer a major impairment.

If a goblin suffers a third point in the same form of penalty, they are removed from play for the remainder of the turn.

At the end of the turn there is a chance that a goblin will reduce their current penalties, but the more penalzed they become, the harder it is for them to shake off the issues that afflict them.

The whole point here is that a goblin can drive off their foes by doing various types of harm, whether physically injuring them, scaring them off or using psychologcal warfare and simply bamboozling them.

The game is meant to be quick; no complicated formulas, no table references, in much the same way that combat between opponents is quick in Magic the Gathering (or most other collectible card games). A quick comparison of numbers determines the winner and inflicts penalties on the loser.

The issue I'm facing here is that the ability to cause "Injury" can easily be modified to accomodate for an attacker's bonuses due to weapons, or a defenders bonuses due to armour.

What would modify the ability to cause "dishonour" or "panic" in a similar fashion?

It's something I'll be thinking about more once the Goblin Tarot project has run it's course. After all, the goblin tarot deck (www.indiegogo.com/the-goblin-tarot) will be the core driving mechanism for the game....but more about that later.
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