13 June, 2011

Taking it back for my people

According to a number of people within the Facebook group Wenman Family Reunion, it appears that I could be related to gypsies.

I find this hugely ironic, when a number of people told me not to pursue my ideas for the game Brigaki Djili. My most vocal opponents decried my work as an act of "cultural appropriation", but now it seems I can counter their arguments by saying that I am actually exploring my ancestry and cultural roots through my work on this game.

I realise that if anyone traces their family tree far enough, they can justify almost anything, but this gypsy/traveller connection only stretches back a couple of generations, and it seems that there are still a high proportion of travellers who bear the Wenman name.

In fact, one of the origins of the surname "Wenman" is said to be "Wain-man" or "Wagon-man".

Maybe it's time to start working on that project again.
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