12 May, 2011

FUBAR Director's Cut Now Available

FUBAR has been doing pretty well.

Over 1000 downloads from the various sites where it is available, and most of the feedback I've had from it has been pretty positive.

The game has appeared on a Russian game related database, as well as appearing on a few English speaking databases (where I wasn't the one to add the game)...it seems that people are taking notice of it, and I've got to be happy about that.

With this in mind, I've taken on board some of the feedback I've received and have expanded the game from 30 pages to 50...thus making the FUBAR Director's Cut.

To make this version of the game even more open, I've specifically released it under a Creative Commons license. I'd love to see a few people pick up the mechanisms, and run with them in entirely new directions

The new version is currently only on the Vulpinoid Studios RPGNow store.
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