04 January, 2011


New Year...new ideas.

No, actually its going to be year of revisiting old ideas. Getting them finished...Getting them right.

I've been plugging away at my Quincunx Graphic Novel over the past few weeks. The first 28 page issue (of 6) is getting its final touches, and I have about 75% of the CGI renderings, photographs and ink paintings to complete the remaining issues. The last few days have been all about compiling the stuff I've got rather than fussing over details and avoiding the task of actually compiling the end product.

Hopefully that labour of love will be done soon.

This year I've also committed to releasing a few new variants/expansions for my Hold Em Scene Generator, a product released late last year on RPGNow. It's already started selling and might actually turn out to be a decent earner if the current numbers keep up. One release per month would be nice easy target (as long as things don't get too chaotic elsewhere in my life).

I also have to get the final touches done on "High Plains FUBAR" with a dramatic twist on the FUBAR/Walkabout rules for tense gunfights, going native and dealing with bounties. These FUBAR genre expansions I hope to release on a monthly basis as well.

2010 was a year of going through crap and setting things up with mixed results. 2011 is shaping up to be a year of building on the past and structuring a framework for the long term future.

Here at the blog, I'll be going back tomy Game Mechanism of the Week, since that seemed to be a pretty popular series. This time I'll be analysing things a bit more carefully, and the next post will go into detail about that.


...to everyone who's reading, I hope 2011 brings you success, fun and good gaming.
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