01 November, 2010

Hopefully time to settle down (and a bit of FUBAR)

The move has been completed, rubbish has been thrown away, rooms have basically been sorted. We've actually unpacked boxes that were never unpacked after our last move...so things are seeing the light of day after six years or longer in careful packaging.

Some stuff had to go, there simply isn't as much room in the new place as we had in the old place. I had the luxury of an empty double garage to use as a workshop/storage area in the old place, and now the range of ephemera once locked into that "warehouse" has had to integrate into the house, justify it's continued existence or be thrown away.

With this in mind, I've done a little bit of work on my first genre supplement for FUBAR. I'll hopefully have it out on RPGNow by this time next week. The aim will be to generate a supplement each month for the foreseeable future, I've got enough ideas to keep going in this regard for a couple of years.

The genre supplements will follow a basic pattern:

An introduction to the genre (one or two pages).
A twist on the core rules to help reflect this genre better in your games (one or two pages).
Two or three optional rules (one or two pages each).
A roughly laid out setting for the genre (a map page, a pair of suitable NPCs, some story hooks, and some evocative descriptions to help set the mood, all up about 4-6 pages).
A range of sample trait cards applicable to the genre (followed by a page of blank trait cards)
A range of sample location cards applicable to the genre (followed by a page of blank location cards)
A range of sample item/objective cards applicable to the genre (followed by a page of blank item/objective cards)
A range of sample organisation/plot-twist cards applicable to the genre (followed by a page of blank organisation/plot-twist cards)
A blank character sheet
(About 20 pages on average).

The cards and character sheets will be formatted in a style to match the genre; thus the first genre supplement is "High Plains FUBAR", a wild-west inspired setting. The character sheets look like wanted posters, and the trait cards are shot through with bullet holes.

Like the core FUBAR rules, there will be plenty of images and nicely laid out pages.

I haven't fully decided on the prices yet, but the supplements will probably be released at about $2 each (US). The core rules will always remain free, I'm hoping that interested players will show their devotion by buying a couple of supplements from me over the course of their play. Given that I've had over 700 downloads of FUBAR so far, it would be nice to think that at least 10% of those downloaders would be willing to occasionally fork out a modest sum for a way to invigorate or transform their game. I could hope for more, and maybe if the game develops a bit of a following those numbers might improve with time.

Once I get a few similarly themed genre supplemenets under the FUBAR banner, there might be the opportunity to print up a batch of limited edition physical copies.

We'll just have to see where things go.


Rob Lang said...

Great to have you back online, Vulp. Have you considered packing your supplements together and uploading them to a POD service like Lulu? There's no up-front cost to you that way (although it is expensive).

vulpinoid said...

My first game "The Eighth Sea" was published through Lulu, but I never really got behind it to the level that I probably should have. So I know some of the pitfalls of using that service as a publishing option.

It's worth considering again, but I'll be building up a decent monthly back catalogue of pdfs before I do any more physical copies.