03 January, 2009

Game Mechanic of the Week

I've seen a more ambitious version of this project completed over the course of 2008. But since I'm notorious for having other things get in the way when I try something too dramatic, I'm going to work with a stripped down version of the self-imposed contest.

Philippe Tromeur did his version of One page RPGs Once per Week. My stripped back version is going to be a game mechanic of the week.

The aim is to produce 52 game mechanics over the course of 2009, each of which can be used to simulate a specific concept, or expand an existing game product to encompass something new. I'll be using a range of media, including different sided dice, standard decks of cards, coins and tokens, customised cards, and pretty much anything else that might be useful in capturing the imagination, or achieving randomised results.

The aim isn't to develop a single game out of these mechanics, but instead to create a toolkit of options that can be incorporated into other game systems.

Other posts will be interspersed throughout the year, in typical "Observations of the Fox" non-sequitur style, especially progress reports on my other resolutions...but for the moment, one of the main focuses of this blog will be the Game Mechanic of the Week.
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