Newtown Fair

I went to a fair yesterday, not surprisingly (given the heading) it was in Newtown.

One of the things I've always enjoyed doing is imply walking around to soak up an atmosphere. Whether it's feeling the rush of emotions at a rock concert, the feeling of support when spectating at a sporting event, the desolation of a forgotten industrial area or the tranquility of a natural area of parkland.

Each has a vibe, something that most people don't seem to acknowledge. I try to take it in, try to get a feel for what other people may be seeing in a situation, and try to see what they might be missing. Maybe it's the Asperger's.

I've taken Okami to dog parks, with other dog owners and have watched them enjoy the antics of their pets. Everyone so focused on their own dogs that they don't seem to see the other people around them (until the dogs start to fight, then blame is inevitably thrown at the other "two-legs"...).

The fair was different, probably because of the attitude that Newtown people have toward animals. But then, that might just be an over-generalised stereotype. There werethousands of people at the fair and hundreds of dogs. Maybe a dog for every 20 people....of course I might be off in my count, because Okami is very curious, she can smell dogs from a mile away, and she seemed to drag me to every other dog she could find.

It interesting how perceptions are tainted by circumstances.

Anyway, the fair was a lot of fun, and I'll try to post a couple of pictures.


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