People are idiots...part 1

I'm calling this Part 1, because I know that I'm going to observe a lot more things that prove this point.

It was 2am, I've slept since then so I'm not sure whether to say it was this morning or last night...anyway, that's not the point of the post. I'd had some alcohol a few hours early, but it had been a while before I got in the car...I was pretty sure that I was safe to drive, but Iwas taking things carefully just to make sure.

I was heading toward a set of traffic lights where I know there is an automatic red-light camera.

A car is ahead of me by a hundred metres or so. I see the light turn red and it is solidly red for a good second or so as the car ahead rushes through the intersection. As I start slowing down, red and blue flashing lights start up behind me and a police car shoots around me to catch the traffic offender.

There aren't many cars on the road at 2am, but as I'm stopped at the lights for half a minute or so another vehicle comes through the intersection from my right. They had done exactly the same thing and as they sped through the red light, two white flashes of light indicated that the red-light camera had been activated.

2 cars in a row had gone through red lights at the intersection, both had been caught for traffic offenses by completely different means...

It might not be very interesting for someone who wasn't there, but it was fascinating to watch.

Meanwhile I began the rest of my journey home, possibly over the legal drinking limit...I was just glad that two bigger idiots than myself had been caught for not being careful.

It's just a reminder that no matter how stupid you may be, there are always bigger idiots out there.

Such is life.


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