Comparison 1

Nothing too long or dramatic today...just an observation and comparison.

United States protecting its interests in Iraq with a "pre-emptive war" during the 2000s.


Nazi Germany protecting its interests in Poland with an "annexing" during the 1930s.

Shock and Awe???
It might require a bit more historical research, but the cursory stuff I've been looking at today shows a lot of similarities.


Alex said…
Seeerious? Well, don't go looking into US history in the 60s, or the 80s.. and DON'T read Chomsky's "Hegemony or survival" ( )

The only problem with your comparison, is that whenever we say words like "nazi" or "hitler", we are stepping into a well of singularities, given the many unique aspects of this chapter of history. Someone once said that any debate becomes pointless in the moment we bring nazi Germany into it, for it's so full of conotations. A little bit like talking religion. When people thought the devil had horns, one could hardly say good of a goat....
vulpinoid said…
I'll agree with you on that.

But as I'm rationalising a morality based on the good of the many versus the good of the few, there are a couple of sticking points that keep coming up.

It's morally ambiguous areas like these that I'm trying to work my mind through.

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